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These amazing Love Crackers are full of flavour and texture. They are so tasty all by themselves, however, it is nice to change it up! The Chunky Chocolate or the Simple Lemon make a great healthy, crunchy breakfast cereal when hand crushed and drenched in coconut milk. Add a few nuts and berries for a fantastic quick meal. 
We also recommend that you try some of our pairing suggestions below.


 Chunky Chocolate Squares with a Schmear:

◘ Kite Hill plain cream cheese


  Pistachio nut butter

◘ Tahini

◘ Pecan nut butter

Coconut butter

◘ Vegan iced cream

Previously baked or steamed sweet potato slices with dash of cinnamon and/or ground vanilla

◘ Blanched (skinless) almond butter

Walnut butter


Sliced raw jack fruit


◘ Vegan yoghurt

 Nut butter with pomegranate 



Simple Lemon Squares with a Schmear:

◘ Any of the above items (in Chunky Chocolate Squares with a schmear)

◘ Kite Hill plain cream cheese (add: sliced olives (this is Juli’s fave)

◘ Drizzled with olive oil

◘ Sliced mushrooms (raw or sautéed)

◘ Sautéed sliced garlic and olive oil

Raw, vegan pesto

◘ Hummus (see plant paradox compliant recipe below in recipe section)

 Olive Tapenade

 Vegan Cheese Dip 

Hot food (great bread replacement)

 Crushed on top of salad or soup

Pizza Pie Squares with a Schmear:

  Any of the above items 

(in Simple Lemon Squares with a schmear)

◘ Kite Hill Everything cream cheese (add: sliced
olives and/or sautéed mushrooms)


◘ Roasted garlic, olive oil, sea salt


  Guacamole (see recipe below)


◘ Sliced avocado with olive tree pearls

◘ Lectin free tomato paste and olive oil (add capers)


◘ Raw sauerkraut

◘ Raw sliced jackfruit

◘ White Miso paste


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