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Juli's Story


Love crackers, like many things in life, took time to evolve and grow. This highly nutritious superfood product was inspired by health and created for health! And a true labor of love!


The owner, Juli Edwards, has had an interest in healthy food for many years. A self made chef, Creator with natural design skills, these recipes appeared thru Spirit. For more than a decade she was attempting to go vegan but could never seem to completely get there. Fish and eggs were the last items to go...but Spirit persisted; gnawing at her heart was her undying love for animals.

The many vegan-promoting videos and recent films that are available at our fingertips, convinced Juli to completely go vegan! The year was 2017 and as this was happening, Juli was in a bad car accident while traveling in Florida on interstate 95 evacuating for hurricane Irma. It was a three car collision and Juli’s right foot went under emergency surgery due to a crushed heel and a fractured cuboid bone resulting in eleven breaks in that foot. The surgeon installed a titanium plate and ten screws going through her heel putting it all back together. While in the hospital, the doctor prescribed pain medication with terrible side effects.  Juli cannot tolerate this kind of medication and got violently ill from their doses. Once out of the hospital, Juli’s acupuncturist suggested CBD oil, which did take the edge off of the pain. Juli realized that her need for this product was expensive and not something she wanted to continue for an extended period. Unable to walk for six months, getting around on the knee scooter was a regular task, I suppose her life had many challenges.


The podiatrist recommended taking larger doses of minerals and proteins to help build the bone around the permanent plate in her foot. So she found a liquid mineral supplement.  Juli found that taking a liquid mineral helped with the cravings for fish and eggs, so she took the vegan plunge. No more animal products at all! That includes milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, or any byproduct that came from something that was alive. She even gave up honey!


Meditation and prayer were becoming a healthy morning ritual. She asked Spirit to help with this difficult venture. The messages came loud and clear: “buy flax seeds” and “not heat processed”


Not different from most of us… She didn’t listen to the messages right took time. Juli had to read. She learned about making the vegan egg with flax seeds for recipes that called for eggs... “but what else do I do with these flax seeds?” she would ask Spirit. “Buy a dehydrator” The inner voice said. Juli researched many different types and price ranges-wow dehydrators can get really fancy! And pricey! 

Juli then read about Dr. Gundry and the benefits of a lectin-free diet.  Dr. Gundry also talks about how sugar increases inflammation in the body. He says reducing your sugar intake by eliminating sugar products and limiting your fruit intake is most beneficial. So Juli started to really observe more of what was in her kitchen and going into her mouth. Through much prayer and meditation, she was determined to make a super food lectin-free cracker product that would help reduce inflammation in the body and also taste great. And she wanted the crackers to be for those on the go, easy for travel, and great for the whole family. Spirit then said ”give up the grains”. Yikes, you mean quinoa, rice, and corn? Then Spirit said “make grain free crackers that everybody will love”.

During meditation she got out a pencil and paper and just started scribbling a lot of different ingredients that the crackers could be made with. Juli then researched "grain free vegan crackers" and although there were many recipes available online none of them seemed perfect. Being a hairstylist for over 30 years, Juli remembered that most of her clients, being female, always said how much they LOVE chocolate. So chocolate kept coming up in her mind and then spirit said “make them raw; use raw cacao”. With a lot of persistence, patience and taste testing, the Chunky Chocolate Squares perfect recipe was born! Juli‘s Chunky Chocolate Squares are off the chart in yumminess, texture, protein and fiber. And very low in sugar - only 3g per serving!

Juli’s friends and family tasted the Chunky Chocolate Squares and everybody was delighted and wanted to know where to buy them. Juli continued to give out samples to people that she knew in her social circle and business contacts and they all encouraged her to start selling them. They insisted she make other flavors as well. One that could go with everything. After many months of tweaking the recipes and experimenting with other flavors the Simple Lemon Love Cracker was born.  



This is your go-to, grain-free bread replacement. Sweet or savory, and they stand-alone as a snack between meals perfectly. With their light lemon flavor, packed with nutrition from hemp seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds, this tasty snack is a true superfood and is delightfully light in flavor. It’s crispy, chewy goodness!

Once Juli had the two flavors down pat, it was time to find a certified kitchen to produce these delights and get them on the market. Social Media brought Juli and Bridget Lang together...both on vegan groups... Bingo! Spirit did it again! Healthy Food Factory right down the street from Juli's home! Perfect place to produce small batches! And close to home was a bonus. “Where do I sign?” She said? Being an entrepreneur since 1990, she saw this as a true opportunity for a new vegan product on the market. Many people say veganism is the future and then... 


Covid shut downs in March 2020; Juli closed her organic hair salon and suddenly had a lot more time on her hands.. Being a hairdresser for almost 35 years, it seemed strange to now be making organic crackers but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Spirit showed her the perfect ingredients for these gems. Juli is grateful for listening to Spirit and Dr. Gundry's wisdom. 


But wait, the story is not over…people wanted more snack appeal. So back to meditating and listening to Spirit, Juli heard “everybody loves pizza!”. And voila Pizza Pie Love Crackers were born! This scrumptious cracker has all the tanginess and spice of your favorite pizza condensed into a healthy vegan and grain-free super food. Its a great dipping chip as well. Kids love them too! Put a dollop of your favorite nut or seed butter on top or on the side for dipping goodness! Pairs nicely with olives and mushrooms.

Through all of the diet changes (Juli went completely Plant Paradox Vegan in July 2021) the best part is the improved health. Juli's foot is doing better but when she goes off the lectin-free diet, the pain comes back. That's why Dr Gundry says its a lifestyle. These delicious organic snacks allow you to feel like you're cheating but you're really getting a totally nutritious product into your belly. Your gut will thank you once you try them! 

Love Crackers are lectin-free, sprouted crackers available in three flavors: Chunky Chocolate, Simple Lemon, and Pizza Pie. How can you go wrong? Paleo-friendly, sugar-free, grain-free goodies! Treat yourself and your family to something new! A truly authentic, vegan super food! 




Juli’s Love 

Inspired by Health. Created for Health. ♡
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