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Juli's LOVE CRACKERS - Simple Lemon Squares - 2.8oz / 80g

Ingredients: flax seed*, hemp seeds*, white sesame seeds*, carrots*, apple cider vinegar*,  coconut puree*, basil seeds* , lemon peel*, Medjool dates*, Himalayan salt*, spice. 

Treat your taste buds to the most delicious, nutritious lectin-free, paleo-friendly, super food flax cracker. Organic, grain-free and gut friendly, these vegan crackers are made in an all vegan facility. Each package contains enough crackers for 3-4 meals. You can eat these superfood delights all by themselves as a snack or pair them with your cooked or raw food. Great on top of salad, soups or stir-fry. Super yummy with nut butters, fruit or avocado. Click here for pairing ideas recipes using the crackers.

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Simple Lemon Squares

SKU: 0001
  • These sprouted and dehydrated crackers are made in a licensed, all vegan facility.

    Refrigerate for added freshness.

  • In the unlikely event that your Love Cracker package has been damaged or spoiled, please contact customer service and we will be glad to replace it.
    Please include photos 

    If you did not receive your Love Crackers by the expected due date please contact us.
    561-367-5010  or email: 

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